I just received my order yesterday and wanted to send you a thank you note. Everything arrived safe and sound and is exactly as ordered!. The quality of your goods is fabulous, each item in its own separate package and any item that could damage another (collar) individually bubble wrapped, bagged and then wrapped again in it's very own little fabric pouch. That kind of attention to detail is seldom seen nowadays! Your quality control is also wonderful, not a hanging thread or incomplete seam anywhere and every seam that could chafe folded over and sewn so it won't, very nice. I've recently bought shirts from a very reputable company costing a lot more than panties I've bought from you, the buttons were falling off after the first wash, no such doubt here. For you sissies who've been hesitating buying from here due to the cost, don't hesitate, you won't regret it! Yes the clothing here isn't cheap but you get exactly what you pay for! Good job girls!, I'll be placing another order soon!

Sissy Jennifer